Optoma HD33 Projector now in store!

We have had a JVC projector for quite a while now in the demo room. We have now installed the multi award winning Optoma HD33 projector as well.

Initial impressions are very good (excellent in fact!) with both 2D and 3D sources. The projector is brighter than the JVC model and this means that it can still give a good image in ambient light conditions. The projector has no lens shift, however if it is positioned with the right ceiling mount then that will not be an issue. Currently Optoma are offering two extra 3D glasses with the HD33 until 31st July. So you get 3 pairs of 3D glasses in total.

Features include 2 HDMI 1.4a inputs, 1080p Picture quality, 3D and it is also whisper quiet in operation.

Customers who have seen this projector in action are astonished at what the newer projectors can deliver in terms of picture quality with both blue ray and even standard dvd!

We have the Optoma firing the image onto a 7ft wide 16:9 ratio fixed frame screen in our demonstration room. Please ring 01277 264730 to book a demonstration and we'll show you what can be achieved.