Sonos announces Controller for Android

Big news if you love Sonos - they have just announced that they are launching their Sonos Controller software for Android.

For those of you not familair with Sonos, it's a mutli room audio streaming device. Or put simply, have music in any room you want wirelessly. The Sonos system is controlled by...well, the Sonos Controller, which comes in many different forms.

First, there is the Desktop Controller - a simple to install application that you can put on your PC or Mac. However, most of us don't want to fire up our laptop just to change a tune, so Sonos came up with the CR200 controller, a dedicated hand held wireless controller with a full colour touch screen. This have the flexibility to take your music with you anywhere, but buying a dedicated device comes at a price.

Two years ago however, they launched the free iPhone application, and suddenly Sonos became a lot better as you could use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to control your system. And now - the Android application! We can't wait as this is going to open Sonos up to a whole new audience, and with the simple process to link your handset to the nearest Sonos system, controlling your world will become a lot easier.

Check out this article from Sonos to find out more, and to view a video of the application. You can also register here to find out when this application is available.