KEF has a fantastic month - three great reviews!

KEF are always keen to provide the best in speakers that they can, and it was great to hear from them today regarding the fantastic reviews on some of their latest products.

First up is the KEF T105 surround speaker system. For those of you not yet familiar with it, the T105 was launched recently and has found it's way into many of our stores, where it is being enjoyed by staff and customers alike. It's ideal for those seeking the best in cinema sound whilst keeping the speakers small. With five satellites at only 35mm deep that are easily wall mounted, it blends well into any home and yet still delivers the full cinema experience.

What Hi-Fi? have got hold of it, and were equally impressed, awarding the system their best rating of five stars. Fantastic news for KEF, and reassuring for anyone interested in purchasing them.

Equally, Home Cinema Choice were impressed by the T105's bigger brother, the KEF T205 surround speaker system. Using the same technology as the T105, the T205 uses three larger front speakers to deliver a bigger sound - so if your room is a bit larger, or you just want more impact, the T205 delivers it. Home Cinema Choice also gave it their highest five star rating.

Finally, not forgetting stereo speakers, the KEF Q300's have recently won the group test in What Hi-Fi? magazine for the best stereo speaker. Our own customer's love this speaker too - check out our reviews section to see what they have to say. Considering the competition, this is a fantastic award - congratulations to KEF from Audio T!

KEF have also let us know that all these speakers, plus many more, will be at the Bristol Show 2011, where you can sit and listen to these and many other speaker packages at your leisure. They are also planning some fantastic offers and deals - we can't talk about them just yet, but we can say that they are absolutely outstanding and it would pay to make a visit to Bristol if you are considering any of these products.