Vita Audio announces upgraded R4i system

We've been big fans of the Vita Audio R4 for some time, and over the years we've seen other models in the Vita Audio range get upgraded, so it comes as no surprise to find out that the R4 has been upgraded to the new Vita Audio R4i.

So what's the differences? Well, they aren't huge, possibly because the R4 already managed to squeeze so much in at the price, but as the R4i is the same price we can't complain!

Firstly, there is the addition of DAB+ to the existing DAB tuner. This won't make a huge difference to most of us, but it's the internal upgrades which are more appealing. There have been tweaks to both the audio circuitry and the CD suspension -  both of which have improved overall sound quality. Less exciting is an upgrade to the power supply to meet (and exceed) EU regulations.

The end result is an improvement - not vast, and unlikely to be noticed unless you are doing a side by side comparison, but an improvement none the less - and as mentioned earlier, as we aren't paying any more for those improvements its a good thing.

The R4i still has all the same features that drew us to the R4, including a CD player, iPod dock and USB/Aux inputs - plus there will be a special edition model (pictured above) in a sparkling graphite piano lacquer. If you were lucky enough to see it at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show, you'll know it looks pretty special. Expect to see the special edition around May or June.

Finally, with the announcement of the R4i we have some great deals on the Vita Audio R4 to clear our remaning stock - don't forget to check them out!