Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine is back!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

We are very pleased to announce, after a very long break, the return of our record cleaning service. For the past few years our Keith Monks cleaning machine has been playing up and we had to cease this service but luckily for us Steve is an engineer and he was tasked in finding the fault which turned out to be a ever so slightly pitted ball bearing.
Being American made, the bearing size was non-standard but Steve managed to track one down and now it’s all up and running.

So now it’s time to dig out those precious records and we’ll return them to their former glory (condition permitting) in the way only a Keith Monks record cleaning machine can!

We’re expecting a large take-up and being quite time consuming, would you please book in advance for quantities of more than ten records

£2 per disc including a new antistatic sleeve, (original returned).