March 2009 News

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New products have been arriving thick and fast from most of our top suppliers. They include:

Naim Audio have been particularly busy this past few months. First our new ‘reference’ Phonostage, the Superline which left us speechless such was the level of it’s performance. To complement their superb interconnect, the Hi-Line, Naim have introduced the Powerline mains lead which if anything makes a larger improvement than that from the interconnect which came as something of shock to us all. Feel free to book a lone if you think you need convincing.

As I write this I’m listening to Nam audio HDX Hard-Disk Music Player and what a great product it is too. Clearly aimed at those who want to reduce the clutter of 100’s of CDs. It features their own CD ripping engine and as you’d expect from Naim, it’s a true audiophile product rather than the usual compromise one has to suffer for the sake of convenience. Full details on the Naim webpage.

Recent weeks saw the introduction of the new Nait XS, their latest member of the Nait family of integrated amplifiers. The Nait XS boasts DNA from their flagship integrated, the Supernait but in a 5 series case and what fun it is to listen too. It's no wonder the press love it so much!

And if that wasn’t enough, this year’s Bristol show saw the world premier of the NaimUniti, a one box music player featuring CD, 50w Amp, DAB/FM tuner and internet radio plus you can connect it to your home network to share music files. All for just £1995.00.
They also premiered their new standalone DAC, which sounded great when added to the HDX. We hope to see that in the summertime.

Cyrus too have been busy, introducing their best CD Players yet in the form of the CD6SE, CD8SE and CDXt transport. They spent countless months developing the new CD engine, the result of which has taken their award-winning players to another level.

Last year I mentioned Arcam’s forthcoming AVR600 AV Receiver and I’m pleased to announce that they are just beginning to ship, we are expecting ours any day soon. This promises to be a top seller for our most discerning customers, a true audiophile AV receiver, no longer will one have to trade 2 channel sound quality for 5.1 thrills.

If there is something positive to be had from the current economic situation, it is that these technology based companies have to be really competitive and we all benefit from the fruits of their labour.