Panasonic PT-AE3000E has arrived!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

It was this time last year when Panasonic released the ground breaking PT-AE2000E 1080p HD projector and I distinctly remember thinking ‘this could not be substantially be improved upon at the £2000 price point’, well I don’t mind being wrong on this one.

Enter the new PT-AE3000E. Outwardly almost identical but the picture, well, how do they do it? Like many, I take the specs with a little scepticism but the results are nothing short of amazing especially considering it’s only £199 more than last years model.

The headline grabbing new feature is ‘LENS MEMORY’ which allows the users of 2.35:1 screens the ability to zoom the image to fill such a screen and then zoom back for a 16:9 with a single press of a button whilst retaining focus, clever.

This will appeal to the many videophiles amongst you but for me the best bit is ‘FRAME CREATION’. Not to get too technical, (there’s plenty of info on this on Panasonic’s own and many other sites) this is where the projector interpolates additional frame/s to produce smoother motion. Don’t think this is just some sort of gimmick just for action movies, no the improvement in retained detail with any motion is awesome and makes the whole experience that more relaxing and enthralling.

Like the PT-AE2000E, the PT-AE3000E has ‘SMOOTH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY’ to give a totally non-pixelated image alongside perfect colour balance in Colour 1 mode, and Hollywood approved colour in Cinema 1 mode but due to the improved light path it has far better blacks, more saturated colour and an overall brighter image, it’s more 3 dimensional and, well, the images just seem to pop off the screen.

Well done Panasonic you’ve done it again. The PT-AE2000E was our best selling projector last season and I expect the PT-AE3000E to do even better.
Oh well, off to the dem room for some more ‘testing’. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

It’s now in stock so please call us if you would like to arrange a demo of this wonderful addition to our range.

Hopefully by this time next month we should have the new JVC flagship projector the HD750 at £5500. We saw a pre-production unit a month or so back and, well, it was just jaw dropping. I’ll save the details for another posting when we receive our demo unit. Personally I can’t wait.