Un-boxing the Nova Fidelity X40 Music Server, Streamer and CD Ripper

New in the Cardiff Audio T shop the exciting Nova Fidelity range. "World class, high resolution digital audio."

In this months blog we are un-boxing the fantastic NF-X40, Music server with database, CD ripper and network streamer.

The X40 supports up to 4TB of hard disk space and solid state drives.

This wonderful piece of kit can be your easy introduction to streaming high resolution audio. If you're afraid of computers or are just setting up streaming music for your HiFi then this is a great option for you.

Due to the self contained hard disk the X40 is fool proof giving the facility to rip your existing CD collection as well as archiving your vinyl straight to the internal storage.

Supporting many file types including HD Audio up to 32Bit, DSD, DXD, FLAC, WAV, ALAC and AIFF using the Sabre32 digital to analogue chip. This teamed with a high quality analogue output in both balanced XLR and RCA the X40 makes for a great addition to any HiFi.

Our first impression of the X40 was of its extremely solid build. Consisting of a rugged, solid aluminium front panel with large easy to view screen and comprehensive remote and yet it's not difficult to use. 

As you can see from the back panel, the X40 is versatile. Phono input, line input, optical and coaxial digital inputs alongside digital outputs and balanced analogue outputs. The unit can be wired to your network or if you purchase the WiFi adaptor this can be fitted to the USB host 2.0 for easy wireless connection to your network.

Easy to change/upgrade hard disk that supports up to 4TB 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard disk drives, not forgetting SSD (solid state drives).

Displayed is the 5inch full colour TFT LCD screen. Need a bigger screen? Look no further, the X40 has HDMI video output so you can connect to TV or monitor to help you navigate/manage your music library.

As previously mentioned, if you are not confident with managing your music through your computer the Nova range is for you. Quick, easy ripping of your CD collection. The process consists of loading the disc, waiting for the X40 to read the information and then pressing the command for Rip. Within minutes the X40 will accurately rip and store the music for you. 


Job done!

To top it all, the dedicated phono input allows you to archive your vinyl with ease.

We are very impressed with this unit and the X40 is definitely the jewel in the crown of the Nova Fidelity family.

***The Nova Fidelity X40 is available at other branches of Audio T - check store for details***