Sony 4K TV and Hi-Resolution Audio Event

This successful event took place on the 28th to the 30th of November. Many of our customers were amazed at the image quality of the 4K screen and the amazing sound quality produced by the high resolution audio players.


Sony KD55X9005 4K TV

Exceptional picture quality on 4K souces and Blu-Ray discs. The TV also offers amazing sound quality from the built in magnetic fluid loudspeakers developed by NASA.

Sony STR-DA5800ES

The Sony STR-DA5800ES offer a true home cinema experience. The unit offers te following features:

9 x 145W power output

HDMI 9 in / 3 out

4K upscaling and pass through

Hi-Resolution playback up to 192kHz / 24 Bit

Hi-Resolution Audio

Hi-Resolution audio generally refers to a format that is capable of exceeding the sampling/Bit rates of CD (44.1kHz/16Bit). An Example of this is WAV files which are capable of 96kHz/24Bit. This offers a level of performance far exceeding that capable of CD.

Products that will be availble for demonstration will Be:

Sony HAP-S1

This is a high resolution audio player. It is not a streamer - each time music is downloaded to the HAP-S1 it is backed up onto its own hard drive. Therefore music play back is instantaneous as there is no need to wait for the network to stream the tracks. This also makes the unit stand alone as once the files are transfered to the HAP-S1 there is no need to have the PC, etc, on.

The HAP-S1 includes a high quality 40W amplifier, built in D/A convertor and a 500GB HDD. (This is expandable via the USB port on the rear of the product).


The HAP-Z1ES is similar to the HAP-S1. However as this is an ES product that establishes itself as the highest quality audio player made by Sony. The HAP-S1ES has all of the benefits of the HAP-S1 with the following differences:

There is no amplifier in the HAPZ1ES. Due to the quality obtained a seperate high qualty amplifier is recommended.

The HAPz1ES includes a unique DSD remastering engine. This enables standard music files such as MP3, AAC & WAV to be converted to DSD files.

A very high quality DAC is integated within the unit. This uses FIR filters taht are ideal for the conversion of DSD files.

The unit has a 1Tb HDD that is expandable via the rear USB port.

Exceptional built quality renown in the Sony ES range.


This is an analogue two channel stereo amplifier designed to partner the HAP-Z1ES. It is the first two channel amplifier designed by Sony since the EA777ES 14 years ago. The amplifier is an 80W push pull design and offers multiple analogue inputs and a balanced input.


The UDA-1S is a high quality DAC designed to except digital inputs from a variaety of sources including CD Players, Computers, Smart phones, etc. It is capable of decoding signals up to 192kHz 32 Bit.

It has a built in 23W analogue amplifier so it can be connected directly to a high quality pair of loudspeakers.

SS-HA1 Loudspeakers

Designed to compliment the Sony High resolution products such as the HAP-S1 and the UDA-1. The speakers incorporate WD super tweeters designed to reproduce the exceptional sound of hi-resolution audio.

We look forward to seeing you at the end of November.



Sony 4K Has Arrived

We have now taken delivery of the new Sony KD55X9005 4K Television.

As you can see from the photo below we have wall mounted it in a prime location in the store for you all to be amazed at the image this TV is capable of.

Currently we are using a hard drive to stream content to the set. 4K Blu-Ray discs are on the way.

This TV is also capable of upscaling any video content to a 4K image. So you will get the benefit if you are watching normal input such as digital terrestrial TV, SKY, DVD and Blu-Ray

Not only does this TV offer outstanding picture quality but with the use of magnetic fluid loudspeakers developed by NASA the sound quality achieved by this TV is truly incredible.

The links below will take you directly to Sonys promotional video and the dedicated web page for the Sony KD55X9005 so you can see the full specifications of this outstanding TV.

Please feel free to come into the store so you can see the future of TV.