Sony 4K Has Arrived

We have now taken delivery of the new Sony KD55X9005 4K Television.

As you can see from the photo below we have wall mounted it in a prime location in the store for you all to be amazed at the image this TV is capable of.

Currently we are using a hard drive to stream content to the set. 4K Blu-Ray discs are on the way.

This TV is also capable of upscaling any video content to a 4K image. So you will get the benefit if you are watching normal input such as digital terrestrial TV, SKY, DVD and Blu-Ray

Not only does this TV offer outstanding picture quality but with the use of magnetic fluid loudspeakers developed by NASA the sound quality achieved by this TV is truly incredible.

The links below will take you directly to Sonys promotional video and the dedicated web page for the Sony KD55X9005 so you can see the full specifications of this outstanding TV.

Please feel free to come into the store so you can see the future of TV.