Ruark MR1 Active Speakers

If you are looking for affordable active speakers then you really should look at these little beauties.

Ruark MR1's are truly versatile speakers, equipped with both line and high quality Bluetooth aptX inputs, plus a subwoofer output for potential upgrades. Using Ruark's own bespoke high quality drive units and class a/b amplifiers, they sound amazing and retail for only £299.

Suitable applications include: HiFi, computer audio, Bluetooth streaming and as an upgrade to your TV audio (either via the line in or your television's Bluetooth output if equipped).

Available in white, black or walnut veneer. A remote control comes as standard and an optional battery pack can be added for truly portable use.

If you want to find more about these speakers please visit the Ruark Audio website.

Or if you would like to see them on our website and read reviews from our customers.