Hear The Benefits Of Mains Conditioning With IsoTek At Audio T Cheltenham

Visit us at Audio T Cheltenham on Friday the 6th April  (4.00pm - 7:30pm) and Saturday 7th (10am - 5:30pm) and come and hear for yourself how the benefits of mains conditioning in conjunction with IsoTek can give you more enjoyment from your music.

The quality of the electricity we feed into our Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems has a profound effect on how our music and films sound. As the electronic devices we use at home grow and the demand for electrical power increases, the quality of the electricity we feed our systems continues to degrade from RF interference and mains noise.


IsoTek is a leading brand of power management products for Hi-Fi and Home Cinema use. Its product range includes high-performance mains cables and connectors, plus a range of performance enhancing power conditioners focused on the specific requirements of individual systems. IsoTek have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide. The product ranges comprise of the following solutions:

Mains Cables and Blocks:
The standard black mains leads supplied with your Audio and AV components are designed to do a basic job, no more. They lack the quality of materials and construction needed to protect the integrity of the electricity they feed your system, thereby degrading performance. The first rung on the IsoTek ladder is to replace these leads with EVO3 Premier power cables. We will have the following on demonstration:

The  Evo3 Initium , PremierElite and Optimum mains cables

The IsoTek Aquarius and Sigmas mains conditioners, plus the new Genesis One and Mosaic mains regeneration units.

Mains Conditioners:
These are designed to remove noise contamination from both Differential noise that is created by the power supplies in all electronic devices and Common Mode noise in introduced by RFI and the wireless communications.

These are state of the art hybrid power cleaning systems. They effectively take the mains and regenerate it having taken out all the noise.

Prize Draw
We will put the names of all attendees into a prize draw giving you the opportunity of winning 3 IsoTek Initium 1.5m mains leads with a value of each £75. The draw will be made at the end of the event day on Saturday.

This is a great opportunity to hear how much you can improve the sound quality of your system and an affordable and worthwhile Hi-Fi upgrade.

Refreshments and snacks will be served over two days and of course we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

Exclusive offers will be available for attendees on the day.

We look forward to seeing you in Audio T Cheltenham!

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Jon, Farid and Andy.

Audio T Southampton Summertime Store & Hi-Fi News!

We may have been quiet on our store blog for a while but we have certainly been busy!

We have just finished a makeover of our store.  It's now looking clean and bright with freshly painted walls and new carpet throughout. 

Here's part of the shop front with walls resplendent in crisp Atlantic Surf, white with a hint of blue, replacing tired old magnolia! The new carpet tones in with both the new shop colour and the dem room.

The dem room walls are painted in soft grey, befitting the lower light conditions required for home cinema.

Shop makeover 2 007.jpg

To go with our new shiny shop we have a lot of new products to show you.

Here's a taster!

Sony VPL-VW320ES 4K Projector

Sony VPL-VW320ES 4K Projector

Our new Sony VPL-VW320ES 4K projector is producing spectacular images to complement the great sound in our Dolby Atmos dem room. 

Dynaudio Contour S 3.4LE

Dynaudio Contour S 3.4LE

With the demo room in music mode we have been wowed by the awesome sound of these stunning Dynaudio Contour S 3.4LE speakers, in beautiful high gloss Bubinga finish.  Running from a Naim NAC N-272 streamer/pre-amp into our brand new NAP300DR power amplifier, with mains conditioning courtesy of an Isotek Sigmas this system is truly spectacular.  IsoTek's Titan and Mosaic Genesis mains regenerator are currently on hand for those who want to push audio performance to even greater heights!

Interest in vinyl continues to grow and we have some new turntables in store to suit all budgets.  



Teac's TN-300 is a well engineered and beautifully finished record player for £299.95.  Ours looks great in lacquered cherry, one of five superb finishes available.

Rega Planar 2 

Rega Planar 2 

Rega have impressed us with both the superb build quality and performance of the new   Planar 2 and Planar 3 models. Fantastic sound at affordable prices as always from Rega.

Michelle Gyro SE

Michelle Gyro SE

We thought it was time to offer another great British turntable brand so now have a magnificent Michell Gyro SE. Currently fitted with a Dynavector 10X5 it's not just beautifully engineered but sounds superb.  It looks good on our new carpet too!

Moving from source to speakers, we are delighted we now have some of the new PMC Twenty5 range on demo.

PMC twenty5 21

PMC twenty5 21

The Twenty5 21 look splendid in oak.  The cabinets are even better quality than the Twenty 21, our previous favourite compact speaker, and improvements in all key areas have really raised the audio performance to great effect.

PMC twenty5 23

PMC twenty5 23

Twenty5 23 looks set to overtake Twenty 23 as our most popular floorstanding speaker, building on the strengths of the earlier model whilst maintaining the all important compact, domestically acceptable, cabinet.

PMC twenty5 24

PMC twenty5 24

The Twenty5 24 is a revelation, sounding markedly superior than it's predecessor.  Our demo pair look splendid in Amarone finish.  Twenty5 22 and 26 will be in store soon.  We can't wait!

So, we have lots of new products for you to see and listen to in our newly refreshed store.  We look forward to welcoming you into our comfortable demo room very soon.

Alan and John

P.S. Watch this space for exciting news of a very exclusive product range arriving imminently!