Music, Emotion And Hi-Fi. It's All About System Synergy & Set Up

Blogs are usually about a piece of Hi-Fi equipment and how it stands up against its peers or the previous version of it. This time I wanted to do a blog about a system and the way it makes me feel.

In our newly refurbished demonstration room at our Bristol store, we had just set up a system for a reviewer for one of the UK Hi-Fi magazines. The review was for the REL 212 sub bass system and to see how well it integrated with a pair of Kudos Titans. Looking at what had been put together and the reasoning behind the system, you soon realise that the magic doesn't just come from one bit of Hi-Fi equipment, it comes from all of the components working well together.

The kit that was used:

Chord cables throughout
Bryston 4B SST
Bryston BP26 plus MPS2
Naim NDX
x 2 REL 212SE stereo pair run via longbow

This is not an inexpensive Hi-Fi system but thats not what this is about. If you're a music lover you invest in Hi-Fi because you love music and the feeling and enjoyment you get when it immerses you in the artist's performance when it plays. To get to that point of musical nirvana, it takes both time effort and a level of skill to set up to ensure the system is as musical as possible.

The finished result after many hours of fine tuning, was a highly musical system that put a great big smile on my face and gave me chills when listening to it. So good that it made you want to keep playing one more track..... and the worries of world just drifted away. Probably one of the best sounding Hi-Fi systems I have ever listened to and in my time I have listened to quite a few.

Audio T established in 1966 has 14 stores from Preston down to Brighton. All of our friendly and helpful staff are music or film enthusiasts, most of who have been working in the industry for many years. Their collective knowledge and experience of a wide variety of different Hi-Fi systems is considerable and they do know what works well together and how to set it up correctly to make sure you get the most joy from your music and film collections. We all have different ears and tastes for how we like our music to be presented, so we will always listen and proffer friendly advice, but ultimately your own ears will be the judge..

Kevin Starkie, General Manager - Audio T

Bewitching PMC Fact 8 and Bryston System Revisited

Every now and then we put together a combination of products in the store and are reminded of how the sum of the parts is even greater than the merits of the individual components.

We've been big fans of the PMC Fact 8 since we first heard them over three years ago.  The elegant and beautifully crafted cabinets enhance any domestic environment. Even the most die hard hifi-phobics are won over by the aesthetics of these beauties.

This is not just a case of 'nice cabinet, shame about the sound' though; far from it. The Fact 8 carves a solid three dimensional image out of the air with effortless ease.  The transparency of the sound has to be heard to be believed with the splendid cabinets effectively disappearing.  

The other essential ingredient to this spell-binding performance is our Bryston system. No surprise that it gels with the PMC speakers, as PMC distribute Bryston in the UK, and design their speakers using Bryston amplification, but the BCD-1 CD player, BP26 pre-amplifier and 4BSST power amplfier really make the Fact 8's sing!  

The Fact 8 is an efficient design utilising PMC's Advance Transmission Line which does not need huge power to generate real low end extension but driving them with the 2 x 300 watts of the 4BSST adds a whole extra dimension of control and ease to the sound making the combination totally magical!

Please feel free to share this magic with us. Give us a call to book a listen and come along with your favourite CDs or LPs.  'When the spell is broken' by Richard Thompson seems appropriate, or maybe 'Witchcraft' by Frank Sinatra.... you choose.