Martin Logan Electrostatic Loudspeakers The Definition of Clarity!

We're really excited to have Martin Logan hybrid electrostatic speakers we have. These beautiful speakers are a hybrid electrostatic with a transparent panel handling the mid and high frequencies and a traditional cone driver for the bass. And boy do they offer astonishing insight into the music!

We have two models for demonstration although others in the range can be booked by contacting us and giving us a few days notice. The Martin Logan Electromotion  (pictured above on the left) is something of a bargain in the world of electrostatics, it's a single wired panel with a single bass driver mounted in the base.

On the right is the Martin Logan Electromotion X which has a bigger electrostatic panel for wider range, and two bass drivers mounted fore and aft, it also has bi-wire terminals.

As you can see there is quite a difference in size between the two.

Being an electrostatic speaker they need a mains supply as well as speaker cables. Fire them up and the results are breathtaking.

The first thing you notice is the clarity!

Put some female voice like your favourite Sarah McLachlan or Agnes Obel disc on and you're literally faced with the singer in the room. The imaging, detail and subtlety is nothing short of superb. They're not restricted to simple recordings however, we've been having a great time with some Yello and Boris Blank albums and they've even revealed details in Metallica recordings we hadn't heard before!

For those of you who want a lot of bass the bigger Electromotion X are ideal filling our big dem room with sound. The smaller  will, as you would expect, suit smaller rooms better.

Jean Claude van Boswell couldn't resist getting in on the act!

Jean Claude van Boswell couldn't resist getting in on the act!

Often people who hear electrostatic speakers for the first time fall in love and won't go back to traditional box speakers. Why not come in and find out if you are one of those people. The designs and look of them is also a great talking point!

Paul, Francis, Jason and Boswell

Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers are available from the following branches of Audio T:
Audio T Brentwood, Audio T Cheltenham and Audio T Swindon