Don't Give Up On Your Old Vinyl Records The Project VC-S Record Cleaner Can Bring Your Vinyl Back To Life

Have you ever bought a record from a second hand store or a car boot sale and thought that you'd struck gold, but when you got it home and played it sounded like a full English fry up? Well fret no more because the Project VC-S record cleaner is here to rescue your vinyl!


The Project VC-S comes with a bottle of cleaning fluid and a goat hair brush to help you evenly spread the fluid over the surface of the record and get it down into the grooves. Then using the vacuum pump it will suck all the fluid off to leave a shiny clean record. The fluid is 100% eco-friendly and contains no alcohol which can damage the vinyl!

A kit to clean those pesky little 7 inch singles is available at an extra £110 and a lid is available for £25. Fluid is available in various sizes up to a litre which will clean around 1500 records!

In the picture is my latest purchase of the 12 inch 45 of Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush which sounds great on the LP but is just stunning on the 12 inch. This copy looked great in the shop but sounded a little snap, crackle and poppy when I played it. One spin on the VC-S has made it sound like it is brand new!

Pro-ject VC-S Record Cleaner

Pro-ject VC-S Record Cleaner

Anyone with a serious second hand vinyl habit owes it to their ears to see and hear what one of these marvels can do to a dusty slice of vinyl and you're welcome to bring in one of your crackliest records to clean so you can see and hear the results for yourself. 

The cleaner comes with everything you need to get started for £349.

Jon, Andy and Farid - Audio T Cheltenham

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