A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Made Our Naim Uniti Event a Great Success

We had a great time at our Naim Uniti Roadshow event at The White Horse Hotel on Tuesday evening.  


Thanks to all who attended and much gratitude to Naim for making the event possible, especially Daniel Raggett (against the wall) for helping us to ensure everything went smoothly, Naim guru Phil Harris for answering technical questions, and most importantly, Naim brand ambassador, Jason Gould (by the left speaker) for his entertaining and informative presentation of the new Uniti range, all the more remarkable considering how jet lagged Jason was, having just got off the plane from Rocky Mountain Fest!


The Stables event room at The White Horse, as ever, looked great and, I'm sure all who attended will agree, that the sound was superb, even the baby Atom making a tremendous job of driving the PMC Twenty5 26 speakers.  It's not the usual pairing; compact £2000 system with large £7350 floor standers, especially given the scale of the room with vaulted ceiling, but it's testament to the capabilities of the new Uniti range and explains why the products took a bit longer than expected coming to market.  It was well worth the wait.  Unsurprisingly, the bigger Uniti Star and Uniti Nova sounded even more effortless with their enhanced control of the big PMCs.  A Uniti Core CD ripper and server provided the music for all three Uniti systems.

Those who didn't make it to our Naim Uniti event, and missed out on the chance to win a Naim Mu-so QB,  are welcome to join us, once again at The White Horse, at 7:30pm Thursday 9th November, for a spectacular Arcam Cinema event, also featuring PMC speakers, Sony projector and Chord cables.  We will be showing a full length movie for an authentic cinema experience and you might even win an Arcam rPlay music streamer worth £399.00!

See you soon,

Alan and John