Are You A Night Owl? Audioquest NightOwl Carbon Headphones

Then the new NightOwl Carbon headphones are for you. A hugely talon-ted (he he..) headphone with a choice of ear pads to offer a comfortable and different listening experience.

The protein Leather pads seal tighter for better isolation and improved treble clarity and the Ultra suede earpads breath freer for greater comfort and enhanced bass impact.

The cable has multiple functions including play, pause, call answering, track skipping and returning to previous track. Thus making them suitable for on the go listening as well as reference listening at home. They also include a Direct silver 6.3 plug adapter.

For a closed back design they offer similar openness and clarity to most open back headphones. Impressive sound quality aside they are tremendously comfortable making long listening sessions even more satisfying. A good companion for the NightOwl is the Chord Hugo DAC in conjunction with your Hi-Fi or mobile device. 

Priced at £599 the Audioquest NightOwl Carbons are a must listen, Swoop in to Audio-T Portsmouth and try them on our dedicated headphone listening system, or at home over a weekend on your own system.

Contact Nick, Joe and James for further information or to book a demonstration. Make the Wise choice! We look forward to seeing you soon