Just For The Record. Focal Sopra N2 Hi-Fi System At Brighton

We thought you might like to see our Focal Sopra N2 in Electric Orange.

Most comments have been very complimentary regarding their colour and style, but with the odd dissenter of course! You cannot please everyone!

The performance has been extremely well received, particularly as they have had more use and continued to run in. A confident and refined performer. We had two studio engineers in yesterday who were most impressed.

Of course the speakers performance is governed by the partnering system. We have two record players set up and ready to turn at the moment. A fully loaded Linn Sondek LP12, Klimax version with the Radikal DC motor and power supply, Keel sub chassisEkos SE tonearmKandid cartridge and Urika phono stage.

Sitting alongside is the best combination from Rega, the RP10 turntable with Aphelion cartridge.

Streaming duties are performed by the Naim NDS Network Player, patnered with PS555 DR power supply.

Pre amplifier is the Naim NAC252, powered as ever by the Supercap DR power supplyPower amplifier is the NAP300 DR stereo power amp with seperate power supply. The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the 'rather interesting' Chord Hugo.

Naim Fraim equipment supports and Super Lumina interconnect and speaker cableNaim Powerline mains cables and Music Works Reflex Lite IEC mains block tie it all together.

This system does chop and change about, and evolve over the course of time, but it is sounding rather good. 

Bring along some music and come and have a listen for yourself.


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