Chord Company New Epic Cables & Interconnects

The Chord Company have decided to update a number of their cable ranges, some of which are now available, and some of which are still to come. We thought we would give some info for anyone interested in buying some quality cables or interconnects for their system. There are some great deals on the cables about to be discontinued, and great performance improvements on the new models.

Chord's entry level range is the "C" range. The C-line analogue interconnect has been available for a while now but they have recently added C-Screen speaker cable £5 per meter. They also have C-Stream Ethernet, C-View (pictured) HDMI, C-Digital co-ax digital, C-Power mains cable, and C-USB. Most are around £50 per metre or less.

The Clearway range is next. £10 per meter for Clearway speaker cable, around £100 for a metre for most of the interconnects. This means the Crimson interconnect and long running Cobra interconnects have been discontinued - special prices on the last few. Also the Pro-dac and Optichord are discontinued.

Shawline is next £200 for a 1M interconnect. Shawline replaces the Chameleon and Cadenza interconnects and actually performs better than the Cadenza which was originally more expensive.


Epic is the last one to mention in this blog at £400 for a 1M interconnect. Epic replaces Chorus and Anthem interconnects.

Chord Co cables and interconnects are available from the following branches of Audio T Brentwood

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