Record Store Day 2016 Minus One at Audio T Southampton!

With just a few hours left we are very busy preparing the store for Record Store Day 2016!

We have a selection of turntables and vinyl focused products on display....

Firstly the old!

My vintage Bush record player will be blasting out some classic rock 'n roll 78s tomorrow.  Dating from 1961 this deluxe disc spinner cost a substantial 25 guineas and features a valve amp, bass and treble controls and, would you believe, an electrostatic tweeter!

And now the new....arriving just in time for Record Store Day we are over the moon with the new Rega P3. It looks great, a real step up in appearance and build quality from the out going RP3, which is no mean achievement.

We look forward to finding a few spare moments to listen to it properly sometime soon!

And to keep all your vinyl in pristine condition:

The Project VS-C will be on demo tomorrow.  Feel free to bring one of your dirtiest LPs in tomorrow and we will clean it so you can hear the benefits of a wet vacuum record cleaning machine, the only safe and thorough way to clean your precious vinyl.  

As if all this isn't enough:

The very exclusive and highly collectible 2016 Rega RSD turntable is on display in our window.  We have a limited number in stock but, with only 500 produced, they won't last long, so don't wait too long!

Do come and see us tomorrow.  Apart from a chance to hear the vintage record player, the new P3, and have one of your records cleaned, we will have a top of the range Rega RP10, Aria, Elicit system playing in our dem room and some exclusive offers available on the day, including discount vouchers for vinyl and CD purchases from our RSD partner store Hundred Records in Romsey.

Good luck with your record store day purchasing tomorrow and we hope that we and Mark at Hundred Records see as many of you as possible.

Alan and John