Record Store Day 2016 At Cardiff!

While we might not sell vinyl for record store day we can help you out with ways to play them! Including a fantastic one day bundle deal exclusive to Audio T Cardiff.

Our fantastic record store day offer will provide you with an inexpensive but incredible sounding vinyl setup for your home composing of the Project Essential digital turntable and the Ruark Mr1 active speakers.

This minimal setup takes advantage of the excellent built-in phono stage on the essential to go direct to the powered Ruark speakers resulting in a surprisingly powerful, detailed sound. The MR1's could easily sit on a computer desk or to the side of the television, the fact that they can operate via bluetooth means that music can also be played from other devices while avoiding the inconvenience of switching around cables.

The Project essential digital and Ruark MR1 speakers can be bought together for the bargain price of £579.00 for Record Store Day only, they are set up in the shop, so please pop in for a listen, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised!

We are also very excited to announce two brand new Rega turntables in store, firstly the limited edition Record Store day RP1 complete with stunning graphics on the plinth, only 500 have been produced so you'll have to be quick to get your hands on one!

We also have the  long awaited Rega Planar 3 in store! Despite the brilliance of its predecessor the RP3, this turntable has it beat hands down! Watch this space for a full review soon but in the meantime you can have a read of some of other other stores blogs for their thoughts so far. Both of these new turntables are available to demo in our store right now!

From the team here in the Cardiff store, happy Record Store Day!