Ophidian M Series Loudspeakers At Audio T Cheltenham

We now have the new Ophidian M series range of loudspeakers available for demonstration. The range comprises of the Minimo and Mojo mini monitors offering bass extension that truly belies their diminutive size. We also have the Mambo floor stander, again a very compact loudspeaker that will fill all but the largest rooms with a truly immersive sound.

A common practice in speaker design is to use the energy produced by the rear of the bass driver to boost the low frequency output of the loudspeaker by venting it out of the cabinet via a tuned port (Known as a reflex loudspeaker). This poses a significant problem as the velocity of the air in the port (Effectively a plastic tube) can limit the control of the bass driver cone movement. This can cause energy from the bass driver to be wasted and can make the port exhibit a problem known as chuffing (A sound caused by the airflow pushing through the port). Ophidian have overcome this with a technology known as AEROFLEX. This utilises much larger and longer port which massively reduces the air velocity. This has the benefit of allowing the the bass driver to work more efficiently and diminishing the possibility of chuffing from the port. An additional benefit is the internal structure of the port increases the stiffness of the cabinet. This allows the use of thinner side walls on the cabinet that require less damping reducing the amount of energy stored. This much improves the quality of the midrange. The crossovers in all Ophidian loudspeakers use audiophile grade capacitors, oxygen free copper cabling and metal oxide resistors. This ensures the signal is preserved from the amplifier to the drive units.

The Ophidian M-Series Range

Minimo - The Minimo is a ultra compact 2-way micro monitor for use on stands, bookshelves or wall mounting. They feature  a 90mm Bass/Mid driver with a deep rubber surround, aluminium diagram and large powerful Neodymium magnet. In connection with the AEROFLEX technology this speaker produces a deep extended bass response that truly belies its size. Complementing the bass driver is a 27mm Sonolex coated fabric tweeter offering seamless integration with the bass driver.


  1. Frequency Response  - 53Hz - 28kHz
  2. Sensitivity                   - 85dB
  3. Power Handling          - 30 to 60 Watt
  4. Impedance                  - 4 Ohm
  5. Dimensions                 178mm Height  / 122mm Width / 144mm Depth

Mojo - The Mojo is a two-way compact loudspeaker utilising two 90mm aluminium cone Bass/Mid drivers. Designed for stand or wall mounting these speakers offer a room filling sound with extended bass response you would not expect from a speaker of such diminutive dimensions. Again a 27mm Sonolex coated fabric dome tweeter is used. We have had these speakers on demonstration in the showroom next to a pair of speakers thirty times their size. Many customers have assumed that we have been playing the larger speakers due to the outstanding bass capabilities of the Ophidian Mojo's.


  1. Frequency Response  - 46Hz to 2kHz
  2. Sensitivity                   - 87.5 dB
  3. Power Handling          - 50 to 100 Watt
  4. Impedance                  - 4 Ohm
  5. Dimensions                 - 253mm Height / 142mm Width / 199mm Depth

Mambo - The Mambo is a powerful three-way compact floor standing loudspeaker. It utilises Dual 90mm aluminium coned Mid/Bass Divers in their own sealed enclosure coupled with 4 dedicated 90mm aluminium coned  bass drivers utilising the AEROFLEX technology. Complementing the Mid/Bass divers is a 27mm Sonoflex coated fabric dome tweeter. For such a small floor standing loudspeaker the output from use is truly outstanding. The will play music at realistic volumes in medium to large rooms with no sense of being overdriven.


  1. Frequency Response  - 38Hz to 28kHz
  2. Sensitivity                   - 87.5dB
  3. Power Handling          - 50 to 150 Watts
  4. Impedance                  - 4 Ohms
  5. Dimensions                 - 791mm Height / 142mm Width / 171mm Depth (Excluding Plinth)

On listening to the range of Ophidian loudspeakers we have been truly impressed with the quality and extension of the bass response from speakers of such small dimensions. Couple this with a very open and uncoloured mid-range and a detailed and smooth high frequency response we would not hesitate to recommend these loudspeakers.

The M Series range of loudspeakers are available in Satin White, Satin Black, Real wood Oak Veneer and real wood Walnut veneer.

Come and and have a listen!