PMC Twenty 26 Three Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The Twenty 26's stand at the top of the Twenty series range of speakers from renowned speaker manufacturer PMC. Unlike the rest in the range they are a three way, rather than a two way, design meaning the frequency range is split between three drive units rather than the usual two. Standing just over a metre high they are a big but elegant speaker that slope gently backwards pulling off the great trick of looking traditional yet modern.

The high frequency unit (tweeter) is a joint development between Norwegian drive unit experts SEAS and PMC it features a grille that not only protects the soft dome but also enhances dispersion giving the listener an extraordinarly large three dimensional sound stage.


The midrange unit (squalker) is newly developed for the 26. It is a doped dome with a dispersion grille just like the tweeter. What it does for the sound produced is quite stunning, for instance vocal performances are portrayed with fantastic naturalness with the speakers giving the impression that the vocalist is stood right in the middle of your room performing just for you. It's the same with instruments such as piano and guitar.


The bass drive (woofer) is a 7 inch unit features a lightweight cast alloy chasis made from natural fibre which is then hand doped. It's origins are in the higher end Fact 8 and it is extremely capable both dynamically and in the way it delivers texture. Its performance is enhanced further as it is used with PMC's fantastic transmission line technology. A transmission line is a carefully manufactured tunnel within the cabinet that has the purpose of extending the range of bass frequencies a speaker is capable while keeping the bass in phase. It also gives the rear of the bass driver a consistant load so it works efficiently and consistantly at all volumes. The transmission line is lined with a specially designed material that absorbs unwanted harmonic distortions leaving you with clean deep and rich bass.


The speakers are quite efficient with PMC recommending an amplifier between 50 and 300W. We have listened to them on a range of different amplifiers and music, and they always perform admirably. For instance Clark's, Clark album from Nov 2014, sounded epic on the PMC's connected to a Naim Nac282, Nap250 with a Rega RP10 spinning the disc. It's an album that is not short of micro harmonic detail and it's all revealed in such a way that leaves you feeling you have missed nothing. The sound stage is enormous without hiding the huge dynamic shifts that really draw you into this world that is Clark's slightly 'Warped' soundscape. WOW!. Any type of music is resolved in such a way that you always feel there is headroom to spare and with fantastic realism, I swear Alison Kraus and Robert Plant were in the shop with the band the other day.

The 26's are happy with most amps.

The PMC Twenty 26 is as I have said stands at the top of the Twenty series and have price tag of £5750. Not cheap but then the sound they produce will not disapoint. They are available in 4 finishes Diamond black, Oak, and Amerone and Walnut. Till the end of October you could take advantage of our great trade in offer meaning you will get 20% off a pair when you trade in a pair of working speakers. Interested? Give us call for a demonstration.

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