The New Nytech Pre and Power Amps Now Available to Order

As we mentioned in our last blog, for the past few weeks we have been auditioning the Nytech CP202/CPA402 pre and power amplifier combination. Both these units are high quality hand built units with an emphasis on superb sound quality and simplicity. Designed to do a single job very well and to be an investment in your musical pleasure.

The CP202 has four analogue line level inputs two of which are modular and can be changed at any time for optional phono stage or the USB DAC that will be available soon and even more options available in the near future. The CP202 also comes equipped with a high quality Class A headphone amp so that personal listening is possible without compromising the main signal path between pre and power amplifier. Inserting the headphone jack very cleverly switches the power amp to standby.

The above picture shows the back panel with inputs 3 & 4 being modular and up-gradeable. 

Here we have the CPA402 power amplifier. A true dual mono bloc design in a single box with only one earth connection in common! Despite its seemingly modest power output (40W RMS per channel) the CPA402 will deliver a truly outstanding musical performance which must be heard to be fully appreciated. This combination delivers a performance way above its price point and will keep you listening to your music for hours. It allows every musical nuances to pass to your loudspeakers effortlessly enabling you to hear more from your music collection than you would have thought possible.

Both the pre and power amplifiers are available in 5 finishes, Walnut, Light Oak (as shown) Cherry, Ash and Black Ash. The CPA402 dual three pin XLR input sockets (note: these are not balanced but will work with balanced output pre amps) as well as the standard phono inputs which will allow the power amplifier to be partnered with other third party pre amps. 

Exclusive to Audio T Cardiff, so why not pop in and have a listen. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

CP202 £1200.00 / CPA402 £1200.00