High quality music streaming with Naim's UnitiServe!

The Naim UnitiServe rips, stores & plays all of your favourites.

Ripping on to the UnitiServe couldn't be much simpler, insert your CD & wait, ripping can be monitored using the n-serve app (pictured below). Once it has finished the CD is automatically ejected. On rare occasions the album artwork can be incorrect, however simply edit using the n-serve app by pressing "edit" then "change cover".

Storing HD music bought online or any other music not ripped by the UnitiServe, is achieved by copying and pasting into the UnitiServe's downloads folder.

Playing back your music using just the UnitiServe requires a DAC or an amp with digital inputs. Once you have this in place simply press play using the n-serve app to enjoy all of your music. Please note further improvements can be made if Naim's ND5 XS, NDX, or NDS network players are used to playback your music.

The importance of any streaming system begins at the source. Where are you storing your music? We conducted a simple test of ripping a CD to the UnitiServe then we listened, verses copying the same ripped album by the UnitiServe onto a cheaper alternative NAS (plugged in via a switch) and then played back using the UnitiServe.

Surprisingly the results were quite different, playing back the music from the UnitiServe's internal hard drive appeared smoother, cleaner & more rhythmic, despite the music being identical in quality and ripped by the same disk drive. In some ways most NAS drives are the CD Transports of the streaming world. Get it right. Get a Naim server.

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