Naim Super Lumina Cable

 It has been a long time coming (and quite a bit of time running in) but Naim have finally released some proper high end cables, Super Lumina. All your cabling needs are catered for. Din XLR and RCA for source and Pre-power cabling plus 4mm and Spade connectors for speaker cable. It is all hand made at the Naim factory.

Its construction is of the highest quality with special attention paid to eliminating stresses within the cable and connectors. It is made of silver-plated copper conductors which is a departure from their usual copper only conductors. These are individually insulated and are of varying diameters all enclosed in a flexible (if you have NACA5 you will appreciate this) outer shielding.



Naims flagship amplifier Statement ships with Super Lumina as standard. This is testament to Naims faith in Super Lumina. Don't think you need Statement to appreciate it though, as a listen on one of Naims other range of products will demonstrate. We put it on a NAC282 NAP250 combo and the results were excellent. Fed by an NDS and compared with NACA5 and a Highline the sound became more coherent and definitely more musical. For instance listening to Robert Plant and Alison Kraus perform Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us on Raising Sands, which to me sounds like the lower mids and the bass have a curtain between them and the main parts, came together beautifully creating a whole picture rather than it sounding like a collage.

As usual you can see for yourself how good it is as we have it in store in Bristol. You can come and listen in our demonstration room or arrange a loan so you can try it in the comfort of your own home on your own system. So what are you waiting for give us a call or drop us an email.

Naim and Super Lumina are also available from other branches of Audio T.

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