Arcam FMJ A49 Amplifier and FMJ CDS 27 CD Player

The Arcam FMJ A49 is Arcam's greatest ever amplifier.


A fully balanced design with exceptionally low levels of noise and distortion. The really clever thing about this design is the fact that it is a Class G design: Capable of cooly delivering 50 watts in pure class A (for the sweetest and purest sound) but, when called for, seamlessly adding up to another 400 wpc of class B.

The latest Arcam SACD/CD/Network streaming player, the FMJ CDS 27 is a perfect partner for any good system.

Fully balanced to partner the A49, the CDS 27 is packed with the highest quality components and engineering know how. The critically damped cover and chassis eliminating damaging microphonic vibration from reaching the sensitve electronics inside.

We carry both of these on demonstration, so please feel free to give us a call.

***Also available at other Audio T branches. Check our Arcam brand page for details.***