Looking for a new CD player or Streamer? Why not have both?

Introducing the superb new Arcam CDS27. We've been waiting some considerable time for someone to offer a product like this. Really, it makes so much sense.

Not everyone what to change from physical discs to a network streaming system. Equally many are reluctant to buy a new CD player when technology and the market seems to be moving away from physical media.

Uniquely Arcam have taken this opportunity to offer a network player (streamer) and SACD/CD player in one box, the CDS27. 

Two things in particular make this offering outstanding to us. Firstly it sounds absolutely superb. Making music sound fun and highly entertaining whilst retaining Arcam's well established smooth sound.

But even better than this is the asking price of £800. Yes that's £800 and not a typo.

A full UPnP network player capable of playing up to 24/192 high-definition files and a SACD/CD player including full balanced output (single ended as well of course) for just £800. Remarkable.

Full technical details can be found here: