Naim Statement And Focal Sopra Event Follow Up

A great big thank you to everyone who attended the Naim Statement event last Thursday evening, put on in collaboration between Naim and Audio T Brighton.

Many nice comments have been forthcoming for which we are very appreciative.

It was a fascinating opportunity to have multiple comparisons with the new DR upgraded amplifiers versus the originals, and of course the Super Lumina cables that provide significant improvements as well. Culminating with the extraordinary

Naim Statement amplifier

(Pictured below).

A great deal of ground was covered, starting with a system comprising the

NAC-N272 streaming preamplifier


NAP250-2 power amplifier

, along with the new

Focal Sopra N2 loudspeakers

. The new NAP250 DR was introduced.

The system then moved up a gear to the

NDS reference network player





, along with


and then

Super Lumina Din to XLR cable added.

The NAP300

was played next, followed by the


and then the Super Lumina Din to XLR pair were introduced.

The power amp was then changed for the


before the NAP500 DR and then the

Super Lumina Din to XLR pair were used

. After a break we resumed with the electronics used at the end of part one, and the Focal Stella Utopia loudspeakers, before the Naim Statement amplifier was played.

A large hotel room with nearly 100 people is far from the ideal listening environment, but it seems that nearly everyone heard clear improvements as we went through the demonstrations. Listening in store or better still at home will deliver the differences more clearly.

So thank you again to those who attended, and to Naim for their extraordinary commitment and support.

Julian, John and Paul.