Sennheiser's HD700's now stand amongst our most favoured over ear headphones

The HD700's are one of the lightest, most comfortable & transparent sounding headphones we've had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. 

The HD700's are a circumaural headphone design, that weighs just 270g. Couple that with ultra comfortable and luxurious velour micro-fibre ear pads; this means that you really can forget you're wearing them.

The HD700's uses a open-back design that achieves a "transparent" sound. Highly efficient 40mm drivers are used with an optimised ventilated magnet system that minimises air turbulence, an internal stainless-steel mesh suspension damper is also used to achieve a very low THD, even the silicone-treatment to the headband plays a part in making it less resonant and ultimately sound better. 

The HD700's comes with a generous 3m detachable silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable for improved ease of use & better conductivity.  

 The HD700's are a perfect combination of carefully selected materials and cutting-edge industrial design. These headphones excel in all areas and are an absolute delight to listen to. We urge you to come in store and listen for yourself.


What better time to buy... Now on offer for £470! RRP£599


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