Quad returns to Brentwood with the Vena amplifier

Quad have come up with something VERY special in the Vena digital amp!

On the surface it looks very much like one of their classic series pre amplifiers, but it is somthing quite different for the venerable British company.


The small (midi width) stylish case contains a stereo amplifier rated at 45W into 8 ohms, plus a DAC with optical, co-ax and USB inputs, there is also APTX bluetooth on board alongside traditional line level inputs.


We have been playing with this little amp since it arrived, and we are delighted with the sound quality produced, great stereo separqtion and placement and plenty of oomph too.

So far it's been powering speakers from the diminutive Q Acoustics 2010i right up to the Focal Electra 1028 without any hint of strain.

The version pictured here is the standard Lancaster Grey which retails for only £600

£100 more gets you the amp clad in gloss black, gloss white, or a beautiful real wood veneer.

Come and have a listen to this little beauty as soon as you can.