Chord and Arcam Day - Saturday 11th October featuring Sarum and A49 and UDP411

We will be holding an open day on Saturday 11th October between 11am and 6pm.

Matt from Chord will be here with a comprehensive range of Chord Company interconnects and speaker cables available for demonstration.

The benefits of high quality ethernet cables will be demonstrated, from £40 C-Stream all the way up to £1875 Sarum.  We will be using Arcam's new UDP411 Universal disc player and streamer through their flagship A49 integrated amplifier into PMC's magnificent Twenty 26 speakers.  

We were mightily impressed with the A49 when we first heard it recently so are very excited that James from Arcam is also hoping to bring along the not yet released C49 and P49 pre and power amp.  We just can't wait to hear the A49 again, and maybe C49/P49, with the UDP411 and PMC Twenty 26s!  

To top it all we are delighted that we are now Chord Sarum stockists with audio interconnects, power cables and speaker cables all available for demonstration either in store or at home.

Give your ears a treat!  We look forward to seeing you on October 11th.