A Perfect Unity

Naim Unitilite and Focal Jmlab 906

Focal JMLab have created something special with the 906. A large stand mount which is perfectly proportioned from a design perspective. Large enough to produce a decent amount of bass but not so big as to suffer from cabinet resonance issues. Front ported it can be positioned close to a wall it is perfect for small to medium sized rooms. It comes in 2 finishes, Walnut and gloss black.





Naims Unitilite gives you an excellent one box solution offering CD playback, streaming (whether that is internet radio or high resolution audio from a hard drive) and an optional DAB tuner. Lots of devices stream music these days and being able to stream music can liberating because of the convenience it offers though not all products stream like Naim products. This is down to the interface between you and the machine. Naim have really nailed it with their N-Stream App. It's very elegant, uncomplicated and a pleasure to use.



So two excellent products both worthy purchases on their own but put them together and what you get is a fantastic unity. A tight fast sound with a big sound stage is hard to achieve, most often you find you can have one or the other but this combo achieves just that. The speakers unlike most stand mounts are easy to drive and Naims amplifiers are renown for their excellent dynamics and make no mistake this is a proper Naim amp not an afterthought. Join them together and you get an effortless sound that doesn’t lose anything at lower volumes and will happily play loud without harshness or compression.


The icing on the cake is that until the end of October we have an offer on this combo. You can save over £500. We have them both here at the Bristol shop and invite you to come and hear for yourself.

Give us a call for a demonstration and dig out your favourite CD or put a file or two on a USB stick.