Rega RP40 Anniversary Special, Now £649.

Grab yourself a bit of turntable history, brand new and boxed, the Rega RP40 40th Anniversary special.

And at a bargain price as well, only £649.

So now's your chance because we will be posting it up on Ebay shortly.


Audio T Manchester have one left in our stock room (brand new and boxed).

Tech specs.

The RP40 will be supplied with a special edition white Elys40 cartridge, carefully tested to the highest achievable specification offering improved stereo imaging, balance and detail. 

A new Silicon drive belt exclusive to RP40.These belts are manufactured on a new tool to guarantee a stable diameter over the full circumference of the belt offering improved speed stability whilst reducing flutter. 

A custom TT-PSU will be included which will be hand tuned to each individual motor before fitting to the deck. (a level of fine tuning only found on the RP8 and previously the Planar 9 turntable). This will maximise the efficiency of the anti-vibration circuit whilst still offering the convenience of electronic speed change.

  • Custom matched TT-PSU.
  • Exclusive Red Silicon drive belt and Red Mat.
  • Exclusive Elys40 MM cartridge.
  • Stainless steel balance weight.
  • Aluminium foot trims and matching top brace.
  • Custom Titanium coloured Plinth.


Please contact the store for more details on the revolutionary Rega RP40.

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