Focal Aria 948 Speakers - May The Flax Be With You

Well it is that time of year again when you have a little more time to play with some of those new toys you had in when things were busier.

Enter the Focal Aria 948, a Naim Superuniti and an iPad accessing our Naim HDX cd collection. Our first impressions, even before hitting the play button, were these speakers mean business. We felt the Aria 926 looked impressive but these, a little bigger all round , really do look like they are built for purpose and that being to transport you into a world of 24 hour party people! and if, hopefully, the neighbours are away to rattle their windows into submision.

Saying all of this with whatever music we played they sounded fantastic, bags of detail without any harshness and bass that goes deep but remains firmly under control, in fact the only things out of control were our feet tapping away from track to track, what fun! this is a system we all felt we could happily live with.

Not content with this though we swapped the Superuniti for a Naim NDX, 202 pre amp and 200 power amp, one word, WOW! and we had to stop ourselves just to keep from continually turning it up.

These are fantastic speakers, ones that really respond to system improvements and even though they are on the larger side they will work very well in the average size living room but if you are able to use them in a bigger room with more space around them, I'd suggest you hang on tightly to your hat and any small pets that are in the room with you.

Come in and have a listen.