A Brief Encounter,The Rega Elex-R pays a quick visit to Manchester.

UPDATE!! Great news...Rega Elex-R now on permanent demonstration at Audio-T Manchester.  

Paul Darwin from Rega introduced us to the new Elex-R today, the latest intergrated amplifier from our friends in SouthEnd-On-Sea.

It was only a whistle-stop tour and Paul had to jet off around the country with the Elex-R in tow.

So here, for the first time anywhere in the world, is a quick, short, sharp review of Rega's newest product.

We actually had the amp over night to run it in and the following morning tested the Elex-R against the lower priced Brio-R from Rega.

Compared to the Rega Brio-R, the Elex-R was more detailed and open, pace and timing was much improved over the Brio-R.

There was also much better control of the speakers, in this instance the Rega RS3's. Tighter and deeper bass and more bite at the top end.

Daba Toure and Skip Mcdonald's album sounded huge and wide, yet everything was refined and subtle at the same time.

So overall, we were very impressed with our very brief encounter. Hopefully our demo unit will be with us very soon.

Looks like our Naim Nait 5si finally has some competition and even though the Elex-R is a kind of hybrid love child of the Brio-R and Elicit-R, it's sound is more a kin to the Elicit-R.

And of course we had to take the lid off and take a look inside...

Terry Bateman, Rega's head designer, likes to personalise pcb's with little reminders of days gone by.

Here is one to bring back some memorys, an absolute hifi classic. You've done it again Terry!!.Nice one.

The output stage is the same as the Elicit-R. 

A clearly larger transfomer than the Brio-R.

Looking good there Chromey, looking good.


We are hoping to get our hands on our very own Elex-R in a few weeks time. Just keep an out on our website our check out our blog for any updates. 


See you soon.



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