Rega Elex-R Excels!

We were recently given the chance to listen to the brand new Rega Elex R Amp. This is a new amp in the range to sit in between the Brio R and the Elicit R. Having given it a good warming up I must say that it fits the bill beautifully. It has the fun factor of the Brio whilst driving the speakers with gusto much more like its bigger sibling the Elicit.


Having listened to a couple of tracks on it including The Lighthouse Family “Lifted” it bounded along on the bass line whilst showing off all the details of the track.

For under £900 we think this amp will truly stun you with its performance and value for money. Including the same built in phono pre amp stage as the Elicit R this is a great amp for both your vinyl collection and your digital music alike. 

Our demo Elex R has now arrived and sounding great as we run it in. Give us a call to book a demo or grab your favourite LP or CD and pop in for a listen.