Delicious Things and Reduced Prices

We've had a few new additions to the dem room in the form of Chord Electronics

Their CPA2500 pre amp and SPM1050 power amp are making beautiful sounds with our Focal 1028be floorstanders. Amazing clarity and impact seem to be the hallmark of this combination without ever losing sight of the music itself. 
The Electra 1028 from Focal is one of our favourite speakers:

and the good news is we have this pair to sell ex-demonstration reduced from £5330 to £4530!

We also have the electra Subwoofer reduced from £2714 to £2171, and the SR surround speakers reduced from £3450 to £2760. If you're interested in all three we could produce a great package price for you as well.

Come on in and have a look and a listen.