Exciting news, REL have released the new "S" series of subwoofers to replace the "R" series and we have the S3 and S5 on demo now.

The S2 replaces the R218, the S3 replaces the R328 and the S5 replaces the R528. However, REL have increased the price to £999, £1299 and £1599 respectively, so are they worth the serious hike in price?

The new "S" series can be made wireless, like the Habitat model, with REL's fancy Longbow tech which has zero compresion and almost instant transfer of data. However, if you are like us you don't mind hiding the wire are you paying the extra money for that? In a word no.

The new models are definately sexier looking than the "R" range (if a subwoofer can be sexy!) The old "R" range were always our favourite subs, after a quick listen to the new S5 it sounds tighter and faster than the old R528, definately better with music. With home cinema it sounds a little restrained at the moment, but the sub still needs running in. We will report back when the unit has had 20 hours or so of running.