Cyrus Lyric 09 Ticks All The Boxes!

When we first saw pictures of the Cyrus Lyric we weren't convinced that the radically different look was a great move for Cyrus.  

The instantly recognisable half width cast alloy casework has for so long been the familiar face of Cyrus products that the Lyric's unique full width styling came as a bit of a suprise.

Now that we have had our demo Lyric 09 for a few weeks the looks have grown on us and the quality of the metalwork and elegant front panel impresses far more than mere pictures would suggest.

What has really won us over though is the stunning performance of the Lyric 09.  Naim have dominated this sector for some time with the wonderful Uniti 2 and we have been mightily impressed that Cyrus have produced a truly worthy contender to give our customers a real choice of great one box solutions at around £3000.

Cyrus have incorporated quality components from its range of separate components to great effect.  The slot loading CD mechanism is the same as the CD T transport and the streaming section comes from the Stream XP2 QX.  In addition DAB, FM and internet radio are provided, along with Bluetooth, using the higher quality aptX codec.  

Inputs are comprehensive, including one front and one rear USB A sockets for external hard drives, MP3 players and Apple devices.  A USB B input enables connection of a computer and there are sufficient analogue and digital sockets to cover pretty much any scenario.

Control is via touch sensitive front panel controls, with a front panel display capable of portaying a detailed image of album artwork, a good quality and well laid out remote control or the Cyrus Cadence app for iOS and Android devices.  The Cadence app is intuitive to use and offers comprehensive control with the virtual volume knob being a particularly nice touch.

The features tick most of the boxes but none of this matters if the sound quality doesn't deliver.  I'm glad to say that we have been blown away by the audio performance of Lyric 09.  Cyrus have really excelled here with 170 watt (into 8 ohms) per channel and music of all types is delivered with effortless openness and clarity.  Dynamics are produced with real scale and subtle detail is handled with delicacy. This is a stunning one box solution which does not compromise performance for convenience.

Give us a call to book a demo or just call in as the Lyric 09 is normally running in the front of our shop as we can't get enough of it!

See you soon,

Alan and John