Focal-JMlab Maestro Utopia.

An invitation to meet the Maestro.

Focal speakers have for a long time been one of our favourites here at Bristol and Focal have not been quiet in developing innovative technologies for us to get our teeth/ears into. For instance we love the new 900 series with their Flax speakers or the popular Electra 1028be with it's sweet sounding beryllium tweeter and dynamic W cones. The technologies built into these speakers like most manufacturers trickles down from the speakers at the top of the range. Enter the Maestro.




One of four speakers in Focals Utopia range and is one of the most sophisticated they produce. Standing almost 1.5m tall and almost half a metre wide they are quite imposing but look fantastic. As their name suggests they don't just play the music but direct the performance in a way that invites the listener in. These speakers really are special and demonstrate admirably why Focal are known as one of the worlds top speaker manufacturers. We have them here at Bristol for evaluation on our main system in the shop. They are sounding great on our Naim NAP300 with an NDS/555 combination as the source and would love to have you guys come and hear them for yourselves.