The Chord Electronics HUGO has some new fans

There has been a lot of buzz about this amazing little box from Chord.

It is primarily designed as a very high quality portable DAC and headphone amplifier, but it is immensely versatile and could be used in a wide array of configurations. With a rechargeable battery on board and a multitude of inputs, it can take a digital signal from any source imaginable, and can handle high resolution signals up to 32-348 (through its HD USB input). As you will see from the pic below, Boswell has completely fallen in love with it, and we have to agree with him.

We have been getting some great results from this little beauty with all sorts of headphones, and have tried it as a standalone DAC with a variety of sources as well, nothing phases it and the music just flows.

It is important to read the instructions just to see how completely flexible this little DAC is! Once you get used to the system of indicator lights it really is quite intitive to use.



We've also had a lot of fun using it as a DAC on the end of our cocktail X10 media system. Put these two together and you get a source which completely belies its price!!



Come in and have a listen, or give us a call on 01277 264730

Paul, Francis (and Boswell!)