QED Reference and Signature Interconnects

If you are looking to make improvements to your HiFi then pop in to Cardiff Audio T to hear the new QED Reference and QED Signature interconnct cables. Also available for home loan so that you can spend a couple of days enjoying the cables in your system.

The QED Reference cable gives excellent performance at its price point. Consisting of silver plated oxygen free copper conductors and asymmetrical twisted pair geometry teamed with the gold plated QED Analoc RCA plugs and QED lifetime guarantee.

At Audio T Cardiff our sales team believe this cable is a winner, whether you have a £200 source component or an £800 source component the Reference cable will bring out the best in your electronics!

At its price point this cable has everything you expect and more. Timing is excellent and rhythm is accurate. We hope you will be blown away by its forward, large scale presentation for only *£99.95*

*price correct for 1m cable 17/04/2014*

 The Signature, similar in make up to the Reference, takes things a step further. Inside its jacket this cable features independent dual layer screening. This protects the signal against interference from high voltages and currents.

Instead of the Reference gold plated RCA plugs the Signature boasts rhodium plated RCA plugs and is cryogenically treated. Cryogenically treated, I hear you ask? This process modifies the electrical characteristics of the dielectric material in the cable. This can be heard as better bass with a wider dynamic range and a more 3 dimensional sound stage. 

Priced at *£199.95* this cable gives a more refined sound as you would expect over the Reference cable.

*price correct for 1m cable 17/04/2014*