B&W's new 600 Series now on demonstration!

We have just taken delivery of our demonstration set of the new B&W 600 Series! More info & pics to follow watch this space...

Bowers & Wilkins have refreshed their award winning 600 series. By injecting technologies found in the CM10's & PM1's the new 600 series are the new force to be reckoned with. That's not all thou, the new 600 series adds a number of its own technological advancements.

 Even the smallest of the new range the 686 S2 is improved with the use of a new decoupled double dome tweeter, Anti-Resonance Plugs on mid/bass drivers and now a forward firing Flowport.

The next speaker in the new range is the 685 S2's which uses the same technological advancements as the smaller 686 S2's, but equipped with a newly designed 6.5inch woven Aramid Fibre cone bass/midrange drivers which is housed in a larger cabinet to produce a bigger more effortless bass response.

The new 684 S2 is slimmer and more elegant than its predecessor, yet still a step up in performance, by using smaller voice coils on its two 5 inch bass/mid drivers. This means increased sensitivity therefore a more efficient speaker with a greater output.

The HTM62 S2 is the smaller of the two centre channels available which is designed to match all of the speakers in the new range but the 686 S2 & 684 S2 in particular as it uses the same 5inch bass drivers.

The largest & most impressive speaker in my opinion is the 683 S2. B&W quote “outstanding power, accuracy and musicality.” I certainly don't disagree. The 683 S2 is equipped with a double dome tweeter design (found in the CM10s), FST midrange drive units capable of producing some of the best vocal re-production we've heard and the use of dual layer aluminium bass drivers “for a richer , distortion-free bass response.”

 The HTM61 S2 is the perfect match for the 683 S2 as it uses the same 6.5in dual layer aluminium bass drivers, a very similar FST dedicated midrange driver and decoupled double dome tweeter.

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