New Audio-Technica Heaphones arrive!

We recently heard the new Audio-Technica range of headphones and could not wait to get them in. They have finally arrived!


The first thing that struck us about them was the comfort and fit. As with all headphones it simply doesn't matter how good they sound if they are uncomfortable and you want to take them off!.

All of the range feature what Audio-Technica call a "total ear fit" design to help with comfort. The capsules almost completely surround the ear so there are no pressure points at all. I have trouble with smaller capsules that put pressure on the arms of my spectacles but these models are perfect! They also very light considering the large construction.


The first in the range are the AD-500X @ £150

The performance on this model is stunning for the cost. Lots of customers who have tried them are very surprised to learn that they are only £150. The thing that everyone has picked up on straight away is the bass response. Because of the large construction and relatively large drive unit (in comparison to alot of other manufacturers) the resulting sound is a very spacious and open sound with a very controlled and deep bass response unlike some other headphones that just can't seem to cope with deep bass or dare I say it ... the Beats that just sound thunderous and horrible! Read more on this model

Next in the range are the AD-700X @ £195

As with the 500 series you can see the same construction so comfort and fit is the same. The improvement with these is the drive unit itself. An upgraded driver gives you exactly what you would expect. Vocal detail and spaciousness is the main improvement I hear but it's also true to say they sound a lot bigger. Read more on this model.

Top of the tree are the AD-900X @ £ 315

Again you can see the improved drive unit in the headphones. These boast a much wider frequency response and greater dynamic range and it's very noticable indeed! A huge improvement over the 700 as you would expect for the increase in cost, but most imprtantly far more impressive than the price tag suggests. They really do sound fabulous. Read more on this model.

They also make some closed back versions which we hope to have in very soon.


Or even better call in and have a listen!