The KEF LS50s are a bit of all white!...

The multi award winning KEF LS50 is now availabe in high gloss white with a blue drive unit!.... Never let it be said that KEF don't think outside of the speaker box!!

With the love for these great little speakers showing no signs of fading any time soon, KEF have now given you the option of a High Gloss White cabinet with a Blue Uni-Q drive unit as well as maintaining the ever popular option of High Gloss black with an Orange Uni-Q.    

If you've never heard the KEF LS50 then you owe to yourself to book a demo and see for yourself what all the fuss has been about.

Hi-Fi Choice ‘Recommended’
"…the KEF is a snappy thing to listen to. Music bounces along with heady abandon, and so do you!"

To book your demo please give us a call on: 01793 538222 or email us on