Dolby Atmos - Ultimate Surround Sound?

Dolby Atmos is the very latest surround sound technology being put into home cinema amplifiers, trying to give a more 3D surround sound effect than the normal 5 or 7.1 surround formats. To show it off, we have a 5.1.4 system set up in our demo room which we will try to keep running for anyone to drop in and experience.

This is basically a 5.1 system (as used with Dolby Digital and DTS) with an additional 4 speakers. That may sound like a lot of speakers, but we are showing two possible options of adding the extra speakers.

 One option is to use in ceiling speakers as shown in the picture below:

Or you can use additional speakers pointing upwards as shown below:

You will also need a Dolby Atmos enabled home cinema amp like this Pioneer SC-LX58 £1399

So come in, have a listen, and see how impressive the latest generation of surround sound is.