Audio T Southampton is creating the right ATMOS-phere!


Today marks an important day here at Audio T Southampton where a few weeks work have paid off with the release of Dolby Atmos.


In the previous couple of weeks, having been up to visit Dolby at their UK headquarters in Soho Square, I came back thinking how I could integrate Dolby Atmos into our demonstration room.


I then set about installing 4 new in ceiling speakers into our floating ceiling and wiring them back to our system ready for Atmos to arrive.


The new LX Range of Pioneer home cinema amps are all Atmos capable but required the release of the software to get them up and running. Today was the big day!


I set about un-boxing the top of the Range SC-LX88 like a kid at Christmas. Having a look round the back I was pleased to see a full array of speaker terminals ready for my new ceiling speakers.


Plugging it in, I then set about updating the software to enable it to deliver its full potential with Atmos. Updatable via USB or over the net this was completed within just a few minutes, far less than the estimated 26 minutes.


Following through the Pioneer MCACC set up, I got all the speakers connected up in the right configuration for a 5.4.2 set up. This refers to the number of traditional speakers you have for your surround sound system plus the additional height channels connected for Atmos.

Hooking up one of the matching Pioneer Blu-ray players, I popped in our new Dolby Atmos demo disc and fired it up. Setting the amp to its new surround mode. I was very pleased wto see Atmos flag up immediately after loading the demo disc.


Giving a few of the new Atmos trailers a spin, I was very impressed with the results, lots of height and dynamics and a real feeling of being wrapped in a very solid 360 degree soundstage which raised the home cinema experience to a whole new level.

I then tried a more traditional Dolby True HD format letting the Atmos processor add in the extra height channels and the image was as brilliant as I expected. I can't wait for Atmos capable blu-ray movies to be launched so we can really put the system through it paces.


For now, feel free to pop in with a couple of your favourite discs and experience the new Dolby Atmos in our demonstration room and prepare to have your senses tingled with the latest in home cinema formats whilst you relax with a good cup of tea.