New Arrival - Rega Saturn R CD Player / DAC

Following on from the hugely successful Rega Apollo CD player we have just taken delivery of the outstanding Rega Saturn-R CD Player / DAC.

The Saturn-R is essentially two products in one box. A high specification CD transport and an independent Digital to Analogue converter.

The Saturn-R offers plenty of connectivity options up to and including 192kHz/24bit. It has two opyical inputs, two coaxial inputs and a fully asychronous USB input. There is also a direct digital output from the CD transport.

The player is controled via the front panel or by the new Solaris system remote provided.

The Saturn-R offers an oustandingly musical performance. The sound is exceptionally detailed with a strong powerful bass and sweet top end. The sound stage produced is class leading for a player of this price.

With the provision of the on board digital to analogue converter you not only get a outstanding CD quality but anything that has a digital output can achieve greatly enhanced sound quality. So be it a Sonos Connect Zone player. a Blue Tooth Receiver such as the Arcam R-Blink or even your TV the Rega Saturn-R offer a significant upgrade in quality.

An ideal partner for the Rega Ellicit-R amplifier. The two components combined together offer a class leading Hi-Fi system.

A demonstartion of the new Rega Saturn-R is highly recommended.