Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar

At £1000 this hefty piece of engineering is near the top of the price range for Soundbars. However upon listening we think you may think it well worth the money. What HiFi awarded it their best Soundbar over £800 and in this case it is hard to argue.

It differs from the excellent higher spec Yamaha Soundbars in that whilst they are more geared towards a simulated surround sound, whereas the ASB2 really scores as a massive improvement on your TV's own speaker system. Not to mention that it will aso stream music via DLNA and Airplay.

Whist not the smallest of speakers (measuring in at 100cm wide and weighing 15Kg) this speaker does not require the addition of a separate subwoofer for bass (although there is the option to add one). If I was to describe the sound quality in one word, that word would be dynamic!

Inputs include three HDMI, optical, co-axial and analogue connections.

If you would like a demonstration, please get in touch.